6 Things To Know About the Xbox One X

Microsoft’s newest console, the much-hyped Xbox One X, is [upon us]. There’s a lot to take in with the new console, and it’s also the most complicated piece of gaming hardware to try and describe. Like the PS4 Pro, it won’t have exclusive games, but instead it’ll have games that are ‘enhanced’ for the new hardware.

As if that wasn’t complicated enough already, the nature of these enhancements varies on a game-by-game basis, and some games even give you several options as to how you want them to use the additional horsepower the console provides.

We’ve put together this list of the top six things you need to know to get you up to speed with the new console as quickly as possible.

1. HDR, 4K and 60fps Are the Maximum, Not the Standard

Probably the most important thing to realise about the new console is that while Microsoft has been at pains to describe the new hardware as being capable of 4K at 60fps with HDR visuals, this is the maximum it’s able to achieve, and these will not be supported by all games.

Forza Motorsport 7 and Assassin’s Creed Origins will support the full gamut of performance upgrades including 4K resolution, HDR, and 60fps, but Halo 5’s patch will have the game render at 4K without HDR (the original game ran at 60fps already, so there’s no improvement there). Meanwhile last year’s release of ReCore will be upgraded with HDR support, but there’s been no word of 4K.

Things get even more complicated with some games that allow you to choose your graphical options for yourself. Middle Earth: Shadow of War lets you choose whether you want to force its maximum resolution (which, according to Digital Foundry, is 3520×1980 — aka not 4K’s 3840×2160) or whether you want the…